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It’s time to forget everything you think you know about employee benefit programs and start looking at what comes next.

Stress about relationships, physical health, financial turmoil and the future abound, and employers who want to remain preferred have to get with the program when it comes to employee health. “Employee benefits alone aren’t cutting it anymore because the general model has remained static for decades,” says Jon Chescoe, princi- pal consultant with Ascension Benefits. “If you compare that to the speed in which society has evolved, there are significant gaps.” Chescoe should know—after more than 20 years in the business, he has had plenty of time to discover what really counts in maximizing employee performance, and it isn’t what you think. A recent Gallup Poll says 84% of employees are disengaged, bored, and hungry for change in their lives. This directly affects corporate perfor- mance. To increase per- formance, you must address the specific needs of individuals within an organization. The results are compelling. “If you want to make yours a top-perform- ing organization, you need a clearly defined way to deliver mental health resources,” Chescoe says. “Helping employees stay healthy in and outside of work has a ripple effect.”