Since taking over as our broker 3 years ago, Ascension Benefits has worked hard to ensure that our benefits plan fits well for our company, while keeping employee needs and union specifications in mind.  The in-depth analysis and reporting they provide demonstrates trends in plan use so we can anticipate future coverage levels and costs. Jon and his team are always keen to support when situations arise and are quick to respond when asked questions about how to maximize benefits while keeping costs contained. Ascension Benefits is truly a great business partner that cares about our success.

Gemma MartiniCEOVitrum Glass Group

Vitrum Glass Group

In our 10+ years of interaction, Ascension Benefits has provided exceptional and highly personalized services. They have repeatedly demonstrated their creativity with their approach to benefits design and deliver customized solutions that exceed the competitive marketplace. They do this in a consistent and responsive manner that makes it easy to respond to employee concerns and questions. We view Ascension Benefits as our business partner, they support our company’s goals and provide the most comprehensive benefits offering at the most competitive cost. Vitalus Nutrition highly recommends Jon Chescoe and the Ascension Benefits team as the consultants of choice for your group benefits plan.

Barbara AdamsDirector, Human ResourcesVitalus Nurtrition

Vitalus Nutrition

I first met Jonathan Chescoe and the Ascension Benefits team when we went to the marketplace in 2011. Jon and his team were professional and very insightful in their approach. Jonathan and his team have supported us at every turn helping us bring benefit solutions to our employees. They achieved this in a professional and yet personal approach, helping us look after the team.  Each task and resulting solution, no matter how complex, has included both the business and people perspective in harmony, something we really have come to appreciate within the Amix Group. We’ve experienced very positive results and a significant savings since changing over to Ascension Benefits and I highly recommend Ascension Benefits as a comprehensive and outstanding service provider.

Daniel Kuhn BSc, CHRPDirector, Human ResourcesAmix Group

Amix Group

Employee benefits and HR programs have long been critical to our success. Since we began working with Ascension Benefits over 5 years ago, we’ve been increasingly impressed with the quality of services and advising from the Ascension Benefits team. Their focus on seeking to understand our business, our goals and direction and then designing a benefits offering that meets the needs of our workforce, has been unparalleled as compared to past group benefits providers. Through their ability to meet our needs, we’ve achieved a number of important objectives regarding employee engagement and retention that has proved to support our business in very meaningful way. Their professional, strategic, and trusted relationships based approach has set the standard that we measure other providers by. Congratulations Ascension Benefits!

Susan LeeControllerStarline Windows

Starline Windows

I would like to thank the Ascension Benefits team for providing exceptional services to Meadow Valley since 2005. Your personal commitment to making our employee benefits offering a success continuously exceeds our expectations. Year after year, our team has learned to depend on the integrity and quality of the work you do. You have become a trusted resource and partner from the moment we began working with you. Your enthusiasm for the products and services and dedication to providing Meadow Valley with timely and efficient solutions made the decision to choose Ascension Benefits easy.

The key factors for choosing to work with Ascension Benefits were your in-depth knowledge, dedication to our needs and requirements, as well as your ability to provide Meadow Valley with innovative benefits that meet our budget parameters. We are extremely happy to be your client and are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship.

Allan LesControllerMeadow Valley Meats

Meadow Valley Meats