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Your Life

Employee Benefits Concierge Service

Your Life is about you:

We focus on providing products and services that focus on the employee needs within an organization.

We seek to facilitate an increase in overall engagement and productivity within a workplace.

We are an Employee Benefits Concierge Service designed to link employees to opportunities and resources that will help them reach their full potential.


Physical Health

Nutrition, Lifestyle Choices, Health Concerns, Balanced Activity, Coordinated use of existing benefits

Inner Health

Stress Management, Counselling, Work/Life balance, Family Dynamics, Legal Advice

Financial Health

Personal Finance, Retirement Planning, Investment Advice, Lifestyle Planning

Your Life

Employee Benefits Concierge Service

Traditional Employee Assistance Programs are largely underused because they lack the relationship and trust components. At Ascension, we are not only employee benefits experts, we are also the creators of a new generation of employee care.

Through Your Life, we focus our resources on employees, helping them reach their potential.

We establish relationships and build trust, follow up and ensure needs are met. Its about facilitating change, which increases performance in work and life.

Through “Your Life”, our personal approach brings the “benefits of employment” right to the employee level of your company.

For more information on our “Your Life Approach” click here!